Shadow on Concrete Wall


Shadow on Concrete Wall

Barbara Tricia Arnold born September 26, 1995 is a Chilean-American Artist. She currently resides in Nice on the French Riviera. Her art is known for her unique lines and prestigious bronze work guided by her mentor Mateo Mornar in the Principality of Monaco

Early Life

Tricia was born in Orlando, Florida, September 26, 1995. However at a tender aged her family moved and as she spent the first three years of her childhood on the island of Sardinia, Italy.  In 2001  her family relocated again spending her teenage years in Nice in the South of France. It was in her 11th grade in High School at age 17 where she discovered her talent through her love of (modern and or contemporary) art in Monaco. Her natural talents caught the eye of renowned French sculptor Mateo Mornar who challenged this young skilled artist, compelling her to dedicate her teenage years learning as his apprentice changing her life forever. From age 17 until 20 she committed herself into hard work and dedication throughout art, exhibiting worldwide.


''When you're an artist, you don't look at anyone else.''

                                                                                                    - Barbara Tricia





​It was in Moscow, Russia at her first exhibition in October 2013 one of Tricia’s sculptures officiated by Prince Albert II of Monaco, where he would then award and autograph her sculpture. “The Eagle" crafted in collaboration with Mateo Mornar would soon sky rocket in value, as the piece would claim the masterpiece of the entire exhibition at “Zurab Tsereteli” Art Gallery. Her now famous sculpture “The Eagle” can be found on display in the private garden of Roquebrune-cap-martin, "Le parc des oliviers”. 

In 2015, after graduating from High school, Tricia would start traveling the world seeking new inspiration. Shortly one year later in 2016, she now has found herself a new home settling in the City of Angels, California dedicating her craft and spreading her name world wide. To be continued..... 2022.. THE COMEBACK.