Barbara Tricia

Truly a remarkable and amazingly powerful totem animal, the Jaguar symbolizes strength, agility, confidence, and is oh so sleek, sexy and astoundingly powerful.


Height: 48cm / 18.9 Inches.

Length: 88cm / 34.65 Inches.  

Material: Black painted Bronze.

Eyes: 2 x 18 Carat Emerald

THE EAGLE - 2014

Mornar/Barbara Tricia

The Eagle is a symbol of higher spiritual status, designed with its head turned up gazing towards the sky and the sun, which symbolizes our desire to push the limits of our imagination and to reach new heights.


Wingspan: 290cm / 114 Inches.

Height: 110cm / 43.3 Inches.

Length: 150cm / 59 Inches.  

Material: White Painted Hollow Bronze.

Eyes: 2 x 18 Carat Ruby’s

The Eagle is Currently on display in the Gardens of Roquebrune Cap Martin In The South of France and has been exclusively signed by Prince Albert II of Monaco.

THE LION - 2017


Lions are superior, strong, and naturally dominant, they are also associated with royalty. The lion is a symbol of strength, authority, and natural leadership.


Height: 120cm /  47,24 Inches.

Length: 190cm / 74,8 Inches.  

Large: 60cm / 23,62 Inches.

Material: Plaster

(Bronze coming up soon)


BABY TIGER -  2013

Barbara Tricia

Tiger moves with confident stride, an art of regal beauty in motion, fully present in every moment... The tiger is a symbol for power and energy all over the world. It is the supreme master of his domain, a preeminent symbol to be bold, and fierce in all you do.


Height:  14 cm / 5,51 Inches.

Length: 24cm / 9,45 Inches.  

Material: Black painted Bronze.

Eyes: 2 x 0,5 Carat Emerald

medusa lion - 2019

"Even the broken can be beautiful" - Barbara

A lot of my work are an expression about my inner state. Some pieces take months of my life away as I need to go through a process of change. And once that process is completed I become the change. This Lion expresses strength as it was created during one of the most difficult moments in my life. I accidentally knocked over this pieces and decided to left the marks and the beating as a result that everybody can feel broken and there's beauty in there too.

This pieces is available - Inquires ONLY

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